CFG members should feel free to campaign in General Election 2017

June 2, 2017 at 10:41

A message from Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive, Charity Finance Group:

Dear CFG members,

As you will be aware there has been significant media coverage in recent days about the impact of the Lobbying Act on charity campaigning.

As members of NCVO and as a membership body ourselves, CFG supports the call from Sir Stuart Etherington for charities to continue to be confident on campaigning and to not self-censor.

We know that the Lobbying Act has increased the burden of reporting requirements on charities when it comes to campaigning. This is a burden we would like to see significantly reduced or eliminated all-together. CFG opposed the Lobbying Act when it was introduced, and we still believe that it is unnecessary.  

However, this reporting burden must not prevent charities from campaigning on behalf of their beneficiaries and calling for measures that will help charities to do their work. We heard at our Annual Conference from a range of politicians that they want to hear more from the charity sector, not less.

CFG has been working hard to raise the work of charities with all parties and campaigning for charities to be supported through the tax system, amending the Apprenticeships Levy and getting a Brexit that doesn’t damage the sector’s ability to help beneficiaries. You can download our briefing from our blog site.

As finance professionals, I hope that you will communicate clearly with your colleagues and trustees that the Lobbying Act does not prevent charities from campaigning.

As our Chair, Ian Theodoreson, also said at our Annual Conference – it is our duty to speak up on behalf of our beneficiaries and not lose our voice.

If you would like more information on the Lobbying Act and campaigning, I would recommend you contact NCVO and read this useful blog post from the Electoral Commission.

Best wishes,

Caron Bradshaw
Chief Executive