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If digital transformation means agile working, what are the implications for finance?

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February 10, 2016 at 13:41

This guest blog is by Nevil Durrant, Finance Director at Eduserv. Eduserv are delivering two workshops at CFG’s IT and Data Insight conference on 2 March, 2016. Find out more book your place on the CFG website. Right now, we hear a lot about digital technology and how it’s going to fundamentally change the way the charity sector operates. What’s really interesting is that enlightened charities aren’t just talking about digital in terms websites, smartphones or social media. Instead, they’re talking about wholesale digital transformation and how they want to develop new working cultures that enable continuous, focused change.

Charging charities for their regulation: A fait accompli?

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February 5, 2016 at 17:31

This morning Hannah Sergeant, research fellow for the Centre for Policy Studies, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the chair of the charity commission, William Shawcross,  is “trying to get charities to themselves pay for their own regulator”. This raises the concern that the expected consultation on Commission’s funding structure will be more a case of going through the motions rather than a genuine investigation.

Affinity Deals: What do you need to know?

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February 5, 2016 at 13:57

Yesterday saw a story on the front page The Sun about an affinity deal between Age UK and E.on. While this blog post doesn’t focus on the details of this story, it has raised some issues that charities need to be aware of . I seek to explain affinity deals and what charities need to consider when deciding whether to enter these arrangements.

Lessons to take away from Kids Company report

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February 1, 2016 at 11:34

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) report on the failure of Kids Company has been released. The report has a number of lessons that the charity sector needs to learn, this blog post outlines some of the main points that we should take away from a finance perspective.

New Charity Commission guidance on reserves

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January 29, 2016 at 14:50

By Kate Sayer, Partner, Sayer Vincent The Charity Commission has today published a revised version of CC19. It has a new title – ‘Charity reserves: building resilience’ which strongly suggests that this is a reaction to events in 2015. Importantly, the new version expects charities to hold reserves for an ‘unplanned closure’. 

What did the Romans ever know about data protection?

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January 19, 2016 at 17:33

As usual, quite a lot. Caesar famously used his cipher device to protect important and sensitive military data among his generals. So what can we learn from the famous Roman?

What Regulation, Who Pays? Public Opinion and Charity Regulation

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January 13, 2016 at 17:48

CFG has today published a new report, What Regulation, Who Pays? Public Opinion and Charity Regulation. The research was conducted by Dr Eddy Hogg from the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent. The aim of the research was to explore in detail the public attitude to charity regulation, and who they think should foot the bill for that regulation.

What’s in local government’s Christmas stocking?

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December 17, 2015 at 16:56

It’s Christmas and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has unveiled the government’s provisional Local Government Finance Settlement for 2016-17. The Local Government Finance Settlement is effectively a ‘Local Government Budget’ for the year and its provisional nature means it is open for consultation. Overall, this year’s stocking was filled with a combination of lumps of coals and a couple of potentially tasty oranges (ho, ho, ho). Here are the headlines that charities need to know.

…And the winner is

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December 16, 2015 at 14:59

CFG were recently accepting nominations for the £5000 Adrian Randall Challenge Prize, calling for entries that exemplified good practice in charity finance. We were delighted to announce the winner at our Annual Fundraising Dinner in mid-November: Nick Dugdale from Compassion in World Farming.

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme: Is it really working for charities?

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December 10, 2015 at 12:15

Charity Finance Group has launched a survey on Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme. But why are we doing this and how can you help?